We made Umbraco as a Service to remove all friction when it comes to working with Umbraco, so you can focus on building amazing things and never again worry about installing, upgrades, deployments, hosting and any other infrastructure bits that steal between 8-12% of your time! Getting more productive while doing what you like the most - what’s not to love?


Workshop registration is free for anyone with a Codegarden 14 ticket. It is not possible to get access to these workshops separately, so get your codegarden 2014 ticket today to get a workshop seat.
This Workshop has very limited seating, so seats are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Important: Even tho the seats are free, attendees will be charged a no-show fee of €100 if the seat goes


After this half-day event, attendees will have an in depth knowledge of:

  • Creating new projects for your development team

  • Git basics and tools used to run a site locally

  • Deploying between environments (both locally and remote)

  • Advanced debugging and troubleshooting

  • Assigning hostnames and going live

  • Upgrading a site

  • Workflow for pushing changes forward and pulling back live-Content

Workshop materials

While the workshop will start with an in-depth introduction, it will be very much hands on with regards to working on an actual site and seeing what happens when changes occur and how to work with these changes in a team.
We will provide all attendees with a site ready for implementation and a set of instructions on how to proceed with the site. Imagine that the instructions are from your Project Manager and you work in a team to finish a site. This will be as close to real life as possible!


Taught by Morten Christensen, Sebastiaan Janssen and Paul Sterling from Umbraco HQ and main architects behind Umbraco as a service. This workshop will give you insight into using Umbraco as a Service as your main place for running, maintaining and developing Umbraco-based sites.

Intended audience

This workshop is suitable for both frontend and backend/.net developers as the focus is on using Umbraco as a service in a team, which consists of different types of developers. It doesn’t matter if you are on a PC or a Mac or don’t have a lot of experience with Git. We aim to bring everyone up to speed on the basics needed to get up and running with Umbraco as a service.

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