A half-day seminar that will teach you all you need to know to take full advantage of using AngularJS - a javascript framework from google - to extend and enhance the Umbraco 7 backoffice.

With Umbraco 7, we've introduced a modern, web-focused way to extend the backoffice ui with your own editors, trees and sections, using nothing but javascript, css and html. This workshop will help both frontend and .net developers take the plunge into this world and take full advantage of the many possibilities it offers.


Workshop registration is free for anyone with a Codegarden 14 ticket. It is not possible to get access to these workshops separately This Workshop has very limited seating, so seats are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Important: Even tho the seats are free, attendees will be charged a no-show fee of €100 if the seat goes unused.


After this half-day event, attendees will have an in depth knowledge of:

  • AngularJS basics and its development patterns

  • Using AngularJS to extend the Umbraco 7 backoffice

  • Creating and installing plugins

  • Creating property editors

  • Storing, modifying and displaying complex data

  • Adding custom services, trees and sections

Workshop materials

With a strong hands-on approach, attendees will follow a detailed workbook with exercises for each subject complemented by a detailed instructor-led introduction. Learning by doing is the strongest way to learn.


Taught by Per Ploug, member of the Umbraco Core Team, and architect behind the Umbraco 7 backoffice, this workshop will give you all the insights, and lesser known facets of working with the backoffice and extending it with your own editors, sections and trees.

Intended audience

The workshop is suitable for both frontend developers and .net developers as the core focus is on building backoffice components with a strong focus on web standards, javascript, css3 and html5 to accomplish most tasks.

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