Your code in UaaS

The Session

So we got this great new service called Umbraco as a Service, and we can create gorgeous websites using Umbraco right there in the browser. But what about your favorite NuGet package, that awesome utility library you've been adding code to over the past 10 years, or what about just doing a custom UmbracoApiController in a UaaS based website?

This session is going to take you through solving problems like that. It'll start with an overview of the structure of a UaaS project, the repository, and how you can work with the repository. Then we'll move on to working with it in Visual Studio, and see how you can work with the views, the css files and the script files, and get them back on to the live servers.

We'll look at adding custom code to the project, custom dll's, maybe even NuGet packages. Lastly we'll take a look at the deployment process, and check if you can still customize your build with a build engine.

The Speaker

Jesper originally discovered Umbraco in september 2005, when it was mentioned on Robert Scobles blog. A MS based Open Sourced CMSthat didn't interfere with his carefully crafted standards compliant HTML, was exactly what he was looking for to replace his own ASP Classic based custom build CMS. He's been in love with Umbraco and the Umbraco community ever since. Okay the community was perhaps a couple of years in the making, but you get the gist.

Today Jesper works as Head of Development at Umbraco gold partner Twins Solutions in Lyngby, Denmark. He spends his days pushing well behaved websites onto the internet, and his afternoons and evenings with his two daughters, his wife and a dog called Sofus. Jespers has been coding, almost since he gave up earning a living as a philosopher in 1999, and besides trying to get obstacles out of the way for his fellow developers, by searching for the elusive perfect development environment, he currently enjoys breathing life into website frontends using JavaScript and Angular.

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