You say um-bray-co, I say oohm-brah-co

The Session

How the umbraco community works around language, culture and distance when the global community can't get it right.

Bob Baty-Barr and Pete Duncanson co-present a discussion on how the umbraco community thrives despite cultural, language and geographic differences when the rest of the world struggles to just get along.
1. where we came from
2. where we are going
3. how to stay the friendliest CMS while continuing to grow and expand throughout the globe.
Pete and Bob are both dynamic speakers and share a passion for the umbraco community. This will be entertaining and informative for sure.

The Speakers

Bob Baty-Barr is a husband, father of three and a self-proclaimed umbraco evangelist. Bob has been using umbraco since version 2.1.3 and has launched well over 100 sites in his career. Currently Bob is a Senior Developer/Designer at the Segal Company in Chicago and holds both level 1 and level 2 certifications.


Bob is incredibly passionate about the community surrounding umbraco and recently spoke at the uWestFest in Las Vegas Nevada about the past, present and future of the umbraco community. He is looking forward to co-presenting with his friend and public speaking hero, Pete Duncanson.

When not being a vocal and unofficial evangelist for all things Umbraco, Pete is founder and managing director of Offroadcode Ltd, an Umbraco gold partner based in the Pennies at Huddersfield.

Coding for longer than he care remember he has a knack for finding simple solutions to difficult problems and loves discussing/presenting about all things technical to help pass on Offroadcode’s acquired knowledge and lessons learnt with enthusiasm.

If you like what you hear feel free to buy Pete a beer, presenting is thirsty work.

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