The Dark Side of the Moon

The Session

Marc's session will focus on the user experience within the back office content management. While we invest a lot of time and money in thought through and well engineered frontends, the experience for the editorial team often comes short. This session is not primarily about tools, packages or plugins, though he will show, discuss and recommend some in the course of it. Over all Marc's session is about the process of being aware, caring about, planning and crafting a backend that is easy to use and assists the productivity of authors, content editors, digital marketers and content strategists alike.

The Speaker

Marc Stöcker is a developer, marketer, copywriter, manager, coffee drinker, husband and dad - not necessarily in that order. From his roots as copywriter and conceptional designer, Marc quickly progressed to interactive lead thanks to his passion for all things tech. After starting an agency of his own, he has been working with Umbraco since the early days of Version 2.1. Marc is currently in charge of strategic planning at mindrevolution, an Umbraco certified partner in Stuttgart where he is using the web and it's latest technology for bespoke brand communication strategies and campaigns of global players, renowned companies and niche industry startups alike. He's committed to the idea of hard work, constant improvement and a future all open-source.

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