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The Session

So you want to scale your beautiful Umbraco install? The site you've built has become so popular that you need to handle 500+ concurrent users. You don't want to increase the number of Umbraco servers and what you implement has to be affordable.

Well how about boosting performance? We'll have a look through the different options available from within Umbraco and .NET such as macro caching, output caching,donut caching and other performance options. We'll see how you can easily implement these and how you can manage them.

But what when those options just aren’t enough? Or you're scaling an application which you can’t alter?

Rolling in Varnish. Varnish is a reverse HTTP proxy and sits between the user and your application server. Varnish is REALLY FAST and it'll help you scale hugely. It'll also give you some redundancy. You'll have more control, have the ability to develop more complexity and it's cost effective. We'll see that running Umbraco on a modest application server with Varnish will allow you to scale to the demands of the web today.

The Speaker

Chris Gaskell is a North West UK based .NET developer working under Detangled Digital. He has been coding for over 12 years, has been a freelance developer for over 7 years and has been using Umbraco since version 3. Over the last couple of years Chris has led large scale Umbraco installs for clients with sites needing to support 500+ concurrent users continuously.

In 2011 Chris founded the Manchester Umbraco Meet Up which is going strong with over 180 members and recently had a visit from the chief unicorn himself!

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