Planning an Umbraco Build

The Session

No code, no Visual Studio session, no developer skill required to attend and hear some good advice on planning an Umbraco build from the trenches.

We've been working hard on getting our setup right for building great websites well. We've picked up some tips and tricks along the way we'd like to share. These cover specing out the site in Trello cards (which fields to add to the doctype, what the template should do, what C# do we need), creating and using a base build, which fields to add as default and how to go about getting the best site you can in the quickest time.

Keeping three developers and a design busy takes some planning so we try to make it so everyone has a job they can take on at any time and ensure no one drops the ball.

Follow that up with all those little jobs that always get over looked (the favicon, the robots.txt, the compression of assets, the tracking code, etc.) these all need to be planned for and done by someone. Once again Trello comes to the rescue and we will show you some tricks on how to get it singing.

The Speaker

When not being a vocal and unofficial evangelist for all things Umbraco, Pete is founder and managing director of Offroadcode Ltd, an Umbraco gold partner based in the Pennies at Huddersfield.

Coding for longer than he care remember he has a knack for finding simple solutions to difficult problems and loves discussing/presenting about all things technical to help pass on Offroadcode’s acquired knowledge and lessons learnt with enthusiasm.

If you like what you hear feel free to buy Pete a beer, presenting is thirsty work.

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