Merchello: Open Source eCommerce for Umbraco 7

The Session

After years of working with the power and flexibility of Umbraco CMS, we saw the need for a stable, high performance eCommerce platform that could be driven by community contribution. We wanted to design something that can leverage the advanced power of Umbraco itself, yet easy enough in design and coding for a community of developers and designers to continue improving it.

Inspired by Shopify, AbleCommerce, Magento and others, Merchello brings a fast and reliable online store capability to the latest version of Umbraco CMS.

In this talk we will demonstrate Merchello and talk about how you can use it now for your eCommerce projects.  In addition, we will talk about how it was built, our roadmap for the future, and how you can contribute to the project.

The Speakers

Jason Prothero is the guy who lead his web agency, ProWorks, to Umbraco five years ago and continues to champion it to anyone who will listen.  He also really likes building web applications with Javascript Frameworks like Knockout.js and Angular.js.  His role on the Merchello project is building the back-office and making sure store management is the easiest part of the store owners life.

Rusty Swayne is the Founder and Lead Developer of Mindfly Web Design Studio, where he transitioned his team to Umbraco four years ago and started actively promoting the project.  He enjoys collaborating openly with talented people on projects whenever the opportunities presents themselves.  Rusty is Merchello’s Project Lead and is primarily responsible for Merchello Core  application.

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