Embrace, Extend & Enrich: The Analytics for Umbraco story

The Session

During this session Warren will demonstrate how he developed the recent ‘Analytics for Umbraco’ package and how writing custom applications for your clients can make them happy content editors, which in turn makes us a happy dev's!

He will take you through the various components contained in the package and discuss the challenges he faced and mistakes he made on his V7 journey so far. Hopefully helping you to avoid making the same mistakes yourself!

The session will provide a nice balance between technical implementation & actual use-case scenarios as Warren breaks apart the Analytics package and demonstrates how can write your own property editors & custom sections in V7, to deliver great business value to your own clients. 

The Speaker

Warren Buckley is a Senior Web Developer who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. He has had the joy of seeing the web evolve from the early days of nested tables and spacer gifs through to todays modern single page applications & real-time apps.

Warren started using Umbraco when it was in its infancy in 2006 and was one of the founding members of the Umbraco community. He has always been a very active and has enjoyed collaborating with the other fantastic members of the friendly Umbraco community, seeing it evolve into the mature product that it is today.

During his career, Warren has worked for various digital agencies and the Umbraco HQ for a period of time and he has been lucky enough to have worked with Umbraco within each role.

His latest position is at the UK's leading Umbraco Gold partner, The Cogworks. With offices in London and Manchester they specialize exclusively in delivering Umbraco implementations for their clients all over the world.

Warren tells us: "I love Umbraco and have been hooked ever since I first started using it.”

“The one thing I thoroughly enjoy, is talking with fellow Umbraco developers about their experiences, whether its at the monthly Umbraco London meetup, attending CodeGarden or speaking to developers on the weekly Umbraco Google+ Hangout - uHangout

“Everyone is very friendly and approachable. For example the first CodeGarden I attended in 2007 in London, I was happy that I was able to talk with Niels & Per and that they had the time to listen to me. Everyone in the community is always willing to help one another and share their knowledge. That friendliness in the community has made me stick around and not look elsewhere.”

“I look forward to seeing you all at CodeGarden and talking about your experiences. Lets see what the next ten years has install for us!” 

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