Codegarden sessions are a mixture of tech walkthroughs for developers and designers and solid case stories from leading agencies. All filled with solid knowlegde you can take home and apply tomorrow.

Session overview

Technical Track

Usecase Track

The future of ASP.NET web tooling

Thinking in Seven

500 brands, Umbraco-as-a-Service... that calls for a Carlsberg!

Why CMS is a core part of the Future of Retail

Merchello: Open Source eCommerce for Umbraco 7

Our first Umbraco 7 build

You say um-bray-co, I say oohm-brah-co

Supercharge your Umbraco

Core Internals for Website Development

User Friendly Web Apps for the Clueless, the Creative, and the Technical

The sky is the limit

Your code in UaaS

Master the Service APIs

The Dark Side of the Moon

MVC Purée

Planning an Umbraco Build

Embrace, Extend & Enrich: The Analytics for Umbraco story

Going native with Umbraco and Phonegap

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